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The Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore (CSISG) is a landmark measure of customer satisfaction cutting across sectors and sub-sectors in the services industry of Singapore that is jointly developed by the Institute of Service Excellence at SMU (ISE) and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency (WDA). It is produced and updated on an quarterly and annual basis. For the CSISG Scores and Rankings, please click here.

First launched in April 2008, the CSISG is an independent qualitative indicator of the Singapore economy. It covers 11 core economic sectors, more than 40 sub-sectors and numerous companies from finance & insurance, info-communications, transportation & logistics, retail, food & beverage, healthcare, education and tourism, hotels & accommodation services sectors.

This national barometer of customer satisfaction in the Singapore economy serves as an objective gauge of service competitiveness between countries. It is a rigorous, objective and comprehensive assessment of Singapore's service levels, generating annual indices at national, sector, sub-sector and company levels that form a significant portion of Singapore's GDP. As it reports the overall customer satisfaction scores of every sector and sub-sector, including a ranking of the companies measured, the CSISG serves as an invaluable benchmarking tool across industries in the services sector.

At the micro economic level, the CSISG offers businesses an objective appraisal of customer satisfaction levels of their company and competitive insights into best-in-class organisations industry-wide. The diagnostic capabilities of CSISG identify the satisfaction driver with the most significant impact on overall satisfaction, acting as a useful guide for organisations in the optimisation of resources to enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

The CSISG can also provide exceptional benchmarking insights about customer satisfaction, and the financial returns of satisfaction improvement using the predictive capabilities of the Customer Satisfaction Index of Singapore methodology. To find out more about how the CSISG can be harnessed to enhance competitiveness as a strategic business tool, information about our CSISG Corporate Services is available.


CSISG Brochure

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Last updated on 02 May 2017 .