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ISE Corporate Membership

The annual ISE Corporate Membership caters to companies measured in the CSISG national study. It provides measured companies with in-depth information about the data obtained from the CSISG study and acts as a performance yardstick against competitors, as well as companies outside of their industries. 

A Corporate Membership offers:  

CSISG Benchmarking Report ("Report")
This report benchmarks the member's performance against other companies measured in the CSISG national study in the same sub-sector, provides trend information of their performance over time, as well as predictive analytics that identifies the driver(s) that impact(s) customer satisfaction and its outcomes. Additional comparison of touchpoint performance will be included, where available. Touchpoints refer to customer contact channels such as contact centre, website, counter service, etc. Availability of the Report is dependent on the CSISG sector results release schedule.    

Additionally, the Member can select three CSISG-measured companies outside of their measured sub-sector for cross-industry comparison.  

SMU/ISE-organised Executive Programmes and Events

Each Membership comes with 16 training credits. Members can use these credits to nominate company representatives for selected SMU or ISE-organised service excellence programmes and events. These ISE-curated initiatives are designed to provide the Member Company and its executive team with the knowledge and tools to excel in its service excellence journey. 

For an overview of the Executive Programmes on offer, please click here: 
For programmes and events currently accepting applications, please click here:
The number of credits required for each programme or event will be communicated to Members before each programme-run. Currently, programmes costs between two (2) and eight (8) training credits per nominated staff, depending on duration and government grants. Training credits are valid for 18 months upon submission of the application form. Participation in each programme is subject to availability and at ISE’ sole discretion.
Additional Questions

Members will have the option to add up to three questions for survey respondents answering about the Member’s company in the next relevant fieldwork period of the CISIG national study. This affords Member companies a unique nationwide reach to survey its customers. These customised questions may also serve to enrich the core CSISG questionnaire, enabling more nuance, business-specific insights for Members. Respondents recruited to answer about the Member’s company will answer these additional questions.  


Members will be allowed the exclusive use of the CSISG branding in their communication materials (e.g., marketing collaterals, print advertisements). Use of CSISG branding must be in accordance with the ISE Communications User Guidelines. 


If you are interested in the ISE Corporate Membership, please fill in the membership application form here:

ISE Corporate Membership Application Form

For the full terms and conditions, and the Communications User Guidelines, please click here:

ISE Corporate Membership Terms & Conditions and User Guidelines

Last updated on 15 May 2017 .